News:  Working in a new way!

It won't be any surprise to you that being dehydrated affects performance and productivity. Well, that is just as important if you are working from home. Though I appreciate some of you are still going to a work environment.

It is lovely to see the sun out and it is getting a little warmer so it is important to make sure you keep well hydrated.

  • It does not have to be just water, although of course a glass of cold water is the best for health and hydration!
  • Tea and coffee do count but it is best not to drink too many caffeinated drinks across the day.
  • Getting up from the computer is good for our activity, eye health and posture so it is an ideal time to grab a drink and a comfort break.
  • Aim for around 6-8 drinks (about the size of a mug) across the day.

The British Dietetic Association Work Ready workshops are now available as webinars in light of the COVID-19 advice. All the presentations cover hydration and offer helpful tips and ideas to keep hydrated. Please get in touch.

News : Improving employee health and wellbeing

  • Ever feel sluggish at work? Ever feel you just can't focus and are tempted to fill up on caffeine and sugary snacks to get though?
  • The food choices that we make can have an effect on mood, energy levels, concentration and even how we deal with stress. So, it is really important to consider food choices within the workplace. 
  • If you are an employer, does sickness and productivity concern you?
  • As an employer, you will probably be aware that the resilience of staff to cope with the stresses of work has the potential to ultimately influence productivity 

  • If staff are struggling to concentrate, have low energy levels and are not coping so well with the stress of work then this will affect performance. 
  • Up to 10% of sick leave can be put down to lifestyle behaviours and obesity.  So it makes good business sense to support staff through employee health and wellbeing programmes.  There is a wealth of evidence that shows a healthy balanced diet and adequate hydration as well as being a healthy weight can help to preventing a range of diseases such as diabetes and heart disease related to high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Workplace health interventions are an excellent avenue to help address this. After all we spend a significant part of our week at work and consume a large part of our total food intake in an average working day.
  • Any work place health initiative requires some investment so it is really important to spend wisely and companies are always looking for a good return on investment.
  • The BDA Work Ready Programme is evidence based and led by registered dietitian who have the expertise in nutrition and behaviour change.

BDA Work Ready Programme

The Work Ready programme has been developed based on evidence-based research so you can be confident that it will achieve the stated outcomes and return on investment.

The comprehensive programme comprises of key elements:  Identifying the nutritional concerns and needs of the company and employees

Working with the company and putting in place suitable measurable interventions

Evaluating the outcome to ensure that identified goals have been met.

Working as a partner with the company to achieve positive wellness outcomes.  You can choose from a variety of interventions

The intervention and advice will be tailored to the specific work setting.

Dalhia Campbell presenting at the FTA Van Excellence Operational Briefings 2019 (Edinburgh)

BDA Work Ready Workshops:

  • Eat Well Feel Well - How our food and drink choices can help us get the most out of our day and stay well longer term!
  • Eat Well Live Well - How our food and drink choices can help us work smarter
  • Eat Well Keep Well - How our food and drink choices influence positive ageing